Set up printing

We recommend installing two queues to print documents in the University:

Installing the printers on your own device

Download and run the Print Deploy Client. 

When prompted, enter your CRSid and University password (Raven), and choose the printer queues you would like to install.

You can't install individual institution queues on devices like phones or tablets, but you can add the DS-Print_FindMe queue by following the instructions on the UIS website.

Printing charges

Many users are allocated a certain amount of Free Credit to use in their faculty or institution for academic work. Members of staff are able to request additional allowance once this runs out, or you can purchase a top-up of your DS-Print balance online.

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Often the first thing to make sure is that you are printing as A4 or A3 - not US Letter or any other size. If you are definitely printing as A4, look at your print history on the DS-Print website. If there is a reason why the document did not show up, it will tell you there.
Check that you have sufficient credit for the document you are trying to print on the DS-Print website. If you have Free Credit but no Common Balance, verify that you are printing from a Windows computer or Mac that has been set up according to the instructions above - other operating systems will allow you to print only using paid Common Balance credit.
Try and send documents in batches of 30 pages at most. Everything you send to print goes via multiple servers to spool and calculate charges, which takes time for longer documents.
This means that the Mac was not able to connect to the University print servers. This is often because your password has changed. Download the installer above. This will enable you to set up the printers again. Make sure enter your current Cambridge password again when prompted.

Chances are that you did not select the Remember Password check box during the printer set up. Download the installer above. This will delete your existing configuration automatically and enable you to set up the printers again.
Try resetting your Cambridge password: sometimes, changes made to your computing accounts will cause services to fall out of sync. If this doesn't work, please get in touch with us and we can check to make sure your accounts have been set up correctly.
If you are opening the scanning lid to photocopy documents, most of our photocopiers will wait to see if you want to scan further pages (usually a second side) before processing your document. Check the screen and press any Finish buttons which appear, and your document should then be intact.
The printers should get in touch with our help desk automatically, but we ask that you reach out to us to double-check we're aware. Please let us help fix the problem before you spend all your print credit trying to sort it yourself.

Environmental tips